Annual Report

From the Desk of the President

I wish to use End Time Harvest Ministries’ (ETHM) 2019 Annual Report to express my appreciation to our students who worked so hard to achieve the academic, career, and health goals that they set for themselves. This year flew by, but our amazing staff never missed a beat serving our primary customers, our students, through whom our mission of Engaging Youth in Prince George’s County for Academic, Career, and Life Success thrives. This year, 40 students graduated on time and many received academic scholarships. We are so proud of each of them because, despite their many struggles, they made it to the finish line. End Time Harvest Ministries’ vision of Healing Communities by Healing our Youth is truly manifested through our unique program requirements. 

Active PARENT/Guardian involvement was stellar. Their partnership with their children throughout their 4-year participation in our programs–Pathways to Career Success Program, Wellness Ambassadors Leadership Program, Port Towns Youth Council and Jobs For Youth Summer Employment Program remains critical to our students’ success. Parents are my heroes this year because of the many sacrifices they made continuously to attend ETHM’s Port Towns Youth Council and myriad community outreach activities/events with their children. In case you don’t understand their sacrifices, they include taking off from their jobs and in some households, only one parent is the only wage earner in the family, finding baby and grandparent sitters, struggling with illnesses, and attending family Individual Career Development Planning (ICDP) sessions with their children and the students’ career/job coaches during the work day while their children are in school. This kind of sacrifice is the primary reason that ETHM’s graduation rate was 100% in 2019, the student drop-out rate was zero, and zero students were suspended. Also, parents/guardians played a significant role in the readiness of 39 of the 40 graduates being accepted into diverse colleges, and 1 graduate entered into her career field of cosmetology.

Please click HERE to view our 2019 Annual Report to find out more about us and our accomplishments. 

Rev. Gail A. Addison, President/CEO


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