2020 PTYC and PTCS Graduates

Marlon Cruz

President, Port Towns Youth Council & Parkdale High School’s Salutatorian
Service Learning Hours: 762.5
University of Maryland, College Park
Major: Chemical Engineering
Career: Chemical Engineer
Hobby: Playing the Violin
GPA: 4.50

Albert Denova

Health & Fitness Coach/Leader
Bladensburg High School
Service Learning Hours: 861.5
United States Marine Corps Aviation Operations Specialist
Hobby: Track & Reading
GPA: 3.92

Ahnia Wilson

Service Learning Hours: 62
Virginia State University
Major: Biology
Career: Dermatologist
Hobby: Singing & Playing Instruments
GPA: 3.62

Brandon Vergara

Service Learning Hours: 63
Prince George’s Community College
Major: Criminal Justice
Career: Police Officer
Hobby: Reading Poetry & Music
GPA: 3.25

Cita Cherif

Service Learning Hours: 112
Mount St. Mary’s University
Major: Biology
Career: Biology
Hobby: Teaching Arabic & Exercising
GPA: 2.94

Ethel Kamani

Service Learning Hours: 53
Prince George’s Community College
Major: Nursing
Career: Nurse
Hobby: Basketball
GPA: 2.31

Ezequiel Osorio

Service Learning Hours: 117
United States Marine Corps
Hobby: Tennis & Soccer
GPA: 3.38

Jason Flores

Service Learning Hours: 74
United States Army
Hobby: Running & Sports
GPA: 4.16

Gabriela Sanchez

Service Learning Hours: 84.5
Prince George’s Community College
Major: Primary Education
Career: Primary Education Teacher
Hobby: Drawing
GPA: 3.00

Jennifer Melendez

Service Learning Hours: 68
Prince George’s Community College
Major: Biology
Career: Paramedic
Hobby: Playing Instruments & Drawing
GPA: 3.04

Jessica Balbuena

Service Learning Hours: 78
Prince George’s Community College
Major: Nursing
Career: Nurse
Hobby: Art & Gaming
GPA: 3.67

Joab Giron

Service Learning Hours: 89
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Major: Computer Science
Career: Computer Scientist
Hobby: Video Editing & Gaming
GPA: 4.00

Jordan Fowler

Service Learning Hours: 61
Prince George’s Community College
Major: Physical Therapy
Career: Physical Therapist
Hobby: Exercising & Gaming
GPA: 2.40

Kachana Myrville

Service Learning Hours: 132.5
Cornell University
Major: Business Administration
Career: Business Management/Entrepreneur
Hobby: Attending Church & Basketball
GPA: 4.00

Katherine Hernandez

Service Learning Hours: 167.5
Goucher College
Major: Preveterinary Studies/Biology
Career: Veterinarian
Hobby: Track
GPA: 2.78

Maria Zayas

Service Learning Hours: 63
Prince George’s Community College
Major: Biology
Career: Pediatrician
Hobby: Reading & Community Clean-ups
GPA: 3.38

Mickaela Holley

Service Learning Hours: 190
Prince George’s Community College & New York Institute of Photography
Major: Mass Media
Career: Videographer/Filmmaker
Hobby: Basketball & Shoe Collecting
GPA: 2.57

Monica Morales

Service Learning Hours: 104
University of Maryland, College Park
Major: Nursing
Career: Nurse Anesthetist
Hobby: Softball
GPA: 3.96

Rachael Agbaje

Service Learning Hours: 169.5
Morgan State University
Major: Civil Engineering
Career: Civil Engineer
Hobby: Community Service & Music
GPA: 3.7

Saida Bangura 

Service Learning Hours: 124
Averett University
Major: Pre-Law
Career: Lawyer
Hobby: Exercising & Social Media
GPA: 3.25

Zainab Hassan

Service Learning Hours: 101
Towson University
Major: Biology
Career: Anesthesiologist
Hobby: Community Outreach
GPA: 4.02

Partners and Stakeholders

Kaiser Permanente
TD Bank
Venture Philanthropy Partners
Prince George's County Public Schools
Combined Federal Campaign
United Way of the National Capital Area