Pathways to Career Success (PTCS)

30-35 9th grade students are selected annually and tracked through graduation (4 years) using ETHM’s unique Individual Career Development Planning (ICDP) Process. Students are nominated by their schools’ administrators and teachers, and school counselors. Municipal government leaders can also nominate students to participate on the Port Towns Youth Counsel to become a youth Wellness Ambassadors. However, student’s parents (must be willing as program candidates. ETHM staff screens each application to ensure that students qualify for the PTCS Program.

Students must express interest, have at least a 2.0 GPA, and parents must consent to being actively involved with their child. Each student and parent signs the same application that includes their contact information, program requirements, and a media/press release statement. Students are officially enrolled when they and their parents attend a half day PTCS Orientation Workshop.

PTCS Program curriculum

Pathways to Career Success Orientation Workshop for Students and Parents
A half day Saturday workshop (with nutritious breakfast) provides students and parents with career assessment testing, pertinent information for on time graduation, college and career preparation, scholarship opportunities/requirements, Service Learning Hours (SLH) requirements and activities calendar, introductions to and photo with community, county, and state stakeholders. During this workshop, students and parents are briefed regarding the Wellness Ambassadors Leadership Program where they learn about being Wellness Ambassadors and their roles and responsibilities.

ICDP Workshops with ETHM Career Development Team
Individual student (with their parents) set their academic, career, and health goals during student’s individual career and college prep workshops. During these workshops, students’ Body Mass Index (BMI) are calculated; students and their parents view student’s grades, tardies, absences, and suspensions; students and parents are guided through the FAFSA student financial aid process; scholarship processes for local, state, and corporate organizations are shared; Students’ identify the career paths they wish to pursue; and ETHM Career Counselors schedule follow up meetings with students to track their progress. After each counseling session with students, Career Counselors update their ICDPs and narratively record the highlights of each session.

Job Skills Workshop (JSW)
Students attend this half day Saturday Job Skills Workshop (JSW) with their parents. Students acquire life skills in a fun manner as they gain employability skills while learning how to think critically by sharpening their planning, communications, decision making, and problem-solving skills. These life skills (or competencies) are fundamental to be a Wellness Ambassador for the rest of their life. Job readiness is the focus of the workshop and will cover basic employability skills students will need for a successful work life. The following topics comprise the workshop’s content: professionalism: positive attitude/manners, punctuality, attendance, work telephone etiquette, proper work attire, interviewing techniques, resume writing, and life skills application.

Wellness Ambassadors Environmental Health Summer Employment Program
50-100 students work as paid summer interns in this 6-week summer employment program with diverse businesses throughout PGC. Most interns work with more than 30 businesses on environmental health projects. By the end of the program, interns from diverse PGC schools are able to: 1) improve their environmental literacy; 2) enhance their critical thinking skills, 3) explain the connection between what they learned on their jobs and how what they learned impacts the health and safety of their respective communities, and 4) explain the importance of managing storm water runoff. Interns, as Wellness Ambassadors, also help to bridge education, poverty, health, safety and morality gaps in PGC as they acquire career experience in diverse career fields. Students must meet selection criteria to work as ETHM summer interns:

  • Be an ETHM program participant
  • Be interested in working during the summer
  • Have parent support throughout their summer internship by attending the JSW workshop orientation where parent and intern meets their supervisor
  • Ensures that child has enough transportation to arrive at work on time and that their child leaves work on time at the end of the business day
  • Attends check distribution End of summer internship Celebration Ceremony with child and child’s supervisor

Partners and Stakeholders

Kaiser Permanente
TD Bank
Venture Philanthropy Partners
Prince George's County Public Schools
Combined Federal Campaign
United Way of the National Capital Area

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